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The Cedar Story

The Cedar Story:  A member of the juniper family, aromatic eastern cedar (Juniperus Virginiana) is native to the forests of the South Central United States. Many species of cedar exist, but only aromatic cedar possesses the qualities so valued by people throughout the world and throughout history. 

Benefits of Eastern Red Aromatic Cedar:  The aromatic cedar oil in the wood emits a pleasant aroma and it is also a natural moth repellent. The female moth is reluctant to lay eggs on clothing protected by the aroma of cedar. This is important because it is a larvae, hatched from the eggs, that feed on the garments. This naturally occurring oil will last in the wood for many years, and all that is needed to renew the fresh scent is a light rubbing with fine sandpaper.

Cedar Branch.jpg

Most people enjoy the cedar fragrance and are using our cedar hangers, and other attractive items in their closet to deodorize and protect their valuable clothing from moths and other damaging insects.

Popularity of Cedar Products: In the last few years the popularity of all-natural cedar products has grown tremendously in the United States and Europe. The consumers have come to realize that cedar is an environmentally safe and friendly alternative to harsh smelling chemical moth balls.

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