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Organic Cedar Shavings

Quality Handmade
Cedar, Eastern Red Aromatic Cedar

About this item
Cedar Essence is the nature’s guard against insect damage.

  • MADE IN U.S.A. All 100% Eastern Red Aromatic cedar.

  • All Cedar for our use is grown in Missouri from renewable eco-friendly forests and our products are manufactured in our facility, located in the heart of Arkansas.

  • We offer 2 sizes of bags of Natural Cedar Shavings, 8 oz and 3 lbs bags.

  • All cedar for our use is untreated, 100% natural.

  • Cedar Shavings are the natural way to freshen and protect.

  • Emits a pleasant aroma and it is also a natural moth repellent.

  • Great for animal bedding.

We strive to provide quality items at a fair price with exceptional customer service, our products are manufactured, quality checked and shipped direct to you.

Product Description

For years, the world has known the value of natural red cedar to freshen, protect and preserve your clothing and fine keepsake linens. All Cedar Essence products are manufactured in our Hot Springs Arkansas facility from 100% aromatic cedar grown in Missouri from renewable eco-friendly renewable forests.

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