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Cedar Rings

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About this item
Brand: Cedar Essence
Scent: Eastern Red Aromatic Cedar
Item Form: Round

  • Our Cedar Rings are MADE IN U.S.A. from 100% Eastern Red Aromatic Cedar.

  • Cedar Essence Cedar Rings offer natural protection against damage from moths and all insects, and they help absorb dampness and odors, thereby eliminating mold and mildew. The cedar rings have a smooth surface, therefore you will never have to worry about splinters.

  • Aromatic cedar rings bring a fresh outdoorsy fragrance into your home.

  • Toss aromatic cedar rings in your luggage, storage chests, and drawers to assure the protection of your favorite clothes, fine fabrics, and quilted/woven/knitted creations.

These can also be easily placed on hanger hooks to emit a pleasant aroma and protect valuable clothing from moths and other damaging insects. Cedar Rings are also excellent for shoes where cedar fragrance is desired. It can also be used for work out bags!

Product Description

When you use our aromatic cedar rings in your closet, dresser drawers and storage containers or even in your work out bag, you will experience a natural fresh cedar aroma. For years, the world has known the value of natural red cedar to freshen, protect and preserve your clothing and fine keepsake linens. All Cedar Essence products are manufactured in our Hot Springs Arkansas facility from 100% aromatic cedar grown in Missouri from renewable eco-friendly renewable forests.

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